1993. V. 27.

Összjátékidő: 61'40"
forrás: anya

Plant: "...the Misty Mountains."
Ramble On
benne az elején a bootlegger: "Hopp!"
Plant: "OK. This amm...this is indeed. Hang on, ts, ts, hang on. This is indeed a great moment for us, because we have a new record is appearing in Europe. And receiveing gradual attention. Even on cop radio. And this is the song, and the incenses. What's happened the incenses guys? Gone? How can I sing without this? What's going on? It's called 29 Palms."
29 Palms
What Is And What Should Never Be
Plant: "...on before all that other stuff happened. This called If I Were a carpenter."
If I Were A Carpenter
Plant: "Sometimes you deal with that far away one that nothing gonna achieved yet. This is a song, that deals with the far away love. You may know this song."
Going To California
Promised Land
Tie Dye On The Highway
Trampled Under Foot (benne kazettacsere)
benne a bootlegger megnézi az állást, a mikrofon mélyre kerül, változik a hangzás: "Vége?"
Whole Lotta Love
Plant: "Oh yeah! (3x) Hey, I know it guys look it for a singer. Áá. Hey, It's been a great night Budapest, my first time ever. In all these years to singing to come here, and I wanna come back soon..."
You Shook Me
Plant: "Thank you Budapest. Oh, oh. It's been a nice night. See you again. Thank you very much. Thanks a lot."
Hurting Kind
Plant: "Oh yeah! All right?! Hey, next time, bring your mom & dad. Okay, a. It's been a long night since i oops. I'm not use to this stuff here. Shit! I'd like to introduce to you the band. The that reform specially to make this world much better place for livin. Would you wellcome on base guitar Mr. Charlie Jones. On drums a man, who escape from the Cult, never sleeping, or argueing, Mr. Michael Lee. On guitar a man, who's early(?) moved from one country to this one, and still comes without a passport, but comes with a lot of lunacy, Mr. Frances Dunnery. From the walls of Canada, a man, who's had more hits tonight, big meals, would you wellcome Kevin Scott McMichael. On keyboards, mandolins, guitars, handcops, whips, chains, manacoles, and general tourture equipment Mr. Phil Joneston. So hey, you've been okay? It's a bit liken being at school you know. Have we have a good time today, oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey, it's been a great time and sing a song about alimony."
Living Loving Maid
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